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There are huge savings to be made in the active management of the billing process ensuring you only pay for what you use AND make sure you are on the best tariff for your business

1) Many businesses do not ensure that their demand requirements are reflected in their billing resulting in cost premiums which can be reduced through analysis of their usage patterns


2) Demand charges in some cases make up nearly 20% of a bill and recent changes to the network mean these charges are increasing dramatically


3) We can help you reduce these charges through verification of need and engineered solutions. In some cases, we have achieved paybacks from engineered solutions in less than 3 months

1) We can provide support to businesses to analyse where Power Factor Correction will reduce costs


2) We generally design each system specifically to each site to ensure capital cost is as low as possible and returns are achieved rapidly


3) We subsequently ensure that tariffs are changed to reflect reduced demand

We've saved millions of dollars for our clients both working for and consulting to some of Australian and the worlds biggest brands on hundreds of projects

1) Fundamental investigation services for businesses to develop strategy that truly reflects their needs and operational goals ensuring that each business delivers its core service offering brillantly whilst benefitting from reduced cost to operate and reduced carbon footprint

2) Helped our clients make w informed choices as we get to the real truth about their energy usage, made sure all opportunities are understood and properly costed with a real business case

3) We work on either a consultant only or end to end project delivery basis covering all aspects of a project from surveys to delivery and maintenance

Billing & Tariff Managment

Demand Managment

Power Factor Correction

Voltage Optimisation

Energy Reduction Consulting

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We have helped clients claim the maximum government rebates for their environment efficiency projects. We are pleased to announce that we are fully accredited with the NEW cross Australia rules that have just come in

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Consulting Solutions

We've worked inside and consulted to some of the worlds  biggest brands and been charged with reducing their energy costs and usage significantly. We've had to work out what to do, to build the business cases so it makes sense to the right people and then we've implemented it across fleets from one site to many hundreds of sites and stores.

Key Areas of Expertise:

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1) We are extremely knowledgable on large scale delivery of voltage optimisation systems which can deliver up to 10% cost reductions across sites


2) We undertake detailed analysis in advance to ensure each site will capture the required savings to achieve payback


3) We are also very clear during analysis that if a site will not achieve a return then we advise you directly

Lighting Projects & Delivery

1) We have a strong team of highly capable projct managers who have managed lighting rollouts across major businesses internationally


2) We have helped with design, procurement, distribution and installation ensuring on time every time delivery


3) Project values have ranged from $100K to $40m in some cases

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