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LED Tubes Commercial

LED Tubes Sensor/Dimming

7.22watt    600mm    GT-CIT-06-08W

18.82watt  1200mm  GT-CIT-12-16W

22.34watt  1500mm  GT-CIT-15-23W

7watt to 2watt    600mm    GT-T8LPIR-W10

16watt to 4watt  1200mm  GT-T8LPIR-W18

22watt to 6watt  1500mm  GT-T8LPIR-W22

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We have helped clients claim the maximum government rebates for their environment efficiency projects. We are pleased to announce that we are fully accredited with the NEW cross Australia rules that have just come in

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LED Tubes

The use of LED offer an extremely environmentally friendly and energy efficient light source. It saves up to 90% on electricity costs for lighting and reduces CO2 emissions. Click on an image for details


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