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Batten style fittings fully waterproof with sensor technology

Round and perfect oval profile these fittings are well waterproofed with sensor technology

LED Tri-Proof Sensor Lights

LED Oyster Round Sensor

15watt  600mm    GT-LEDIP65-W15

30watt  1200mm  GT-LEDIP65-W30

60watt  1500mm  GT-LEDIP65-W60



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We have helped clients claim the maximum government rebates for their environment efficiency projects. We are pleased to announce that we are fully accredited with the NEW cross Australia rules that have just come in

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Motion Sensing

Not only a very energy efficient light source, these LED products offer the extra value of sensor on/off and some allow range, time of light on and dimmable options too. For the ultimate energy saving solutions these products are almost unbeatable

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Oval face with straight edge this modern styled product is low energy and well waterproofed with sensor technology

With a square profile, modern chamfered edge and square textured diffuser these fittings are well waterproofed with sensor technology

Sensor technology in a simple lamp replacement

LED Oyster Round Square edge

LED Oyster Square Sensor




LED Tubes Sensor/Dimming

7watt to 2watt    600mm    GT-T8LPIR-W10

16watt to 4watt  1200mm  GT-T8LPIR-W18

22watt to 6watt  1500mm  GT-T8LPIR-W22

Sensor Floodlights

A sensor floodlight with high performance, perfect light source to save energy with additional benefit of sensor on/off